Roger needs your help

Reposted from my friend the_automatik  's journal.

Hi all,

Roger Manning has asked me if I can help promote the North American release of his upcoming album, Catnip Dynamite. Please note that I am NOT getting paid for doing this in any way. I am doing this because he is such an incredibly talented and nice guy.

Roger has played in/with Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Moog Cookbook, Air, Beck, Logan's Sanctuary, Redd Kross, and literally dozens of other musicians and bands including Cheap Trick, Morrissey, and Ladytron ( to see all of the artists go here:

You can hear selections from the album on his MySpace page at:

If you are into his music, intrigued by his music, and/or know anyone else who might be and might be interested in spreading the word, please let me know ASAP! He's looking for bloggers, music reviewers, music publications, radio people, DJs, etc.

For more on Roger, please check out his website at or read this interview Popshifter did with him a couple of issues ago:

Thank you for your help!

Less Lee Moore

- Adam


Jellyfish video collections?

hi, friends,

maybe you could help me to find some Jellyfish videos, a sort of an official video collection, concerts, tours, interviews etc - does it exist somewhere, on vhs or, even better, on dvd, so i could order it from the United States? i've managed to find+download only one video via eMule - "A new mistake", in a horribly low quality, then i found some videos on YouTube, but can't download them, and some people say, YouTube will soon be blocked. i'm afraid to lose it. can somebody help? please..

Glutton Of Sympathy

Hey people!

So I need some help. Basically I'm obsessed with Jellyfish to the 1,000,000th power and it's important to me to get every single thing there is to get that is Jellyfish related. However, I've not been able to get a hold of The Format's cover of Glutton Of Sympathy... soooo... I was hoping someone would be able to hook me up with it. The thing is, I would glad to pay for it, but it's not on iTunes or even the japanese iTunes! So if someone would send me it, I'd be happy to send a dollar straight to The Format's paypal address (if they have one haha)... Please someone let me know!!